Why talk about Personal Finances?


We want to provide you with life-changing tools to help you grow and walk in truth. The videos and worksheets below are provided through the financial teachings of Dave Ramsey of Financial Peace University and are not affiliated with Willow Grove Baptist Church but are a tool to help you grow in how to better manage your money and resources that God has provided you. Please check below for further resources.

Additional Resources

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a life-changing 9-week program that takes the knowledge of the Bible and turns it into real action in our lives through a simple step-by-step process. The program is an intersection of faith and finances that includes practical lessons to eliminate debt, build wealth, give like never before, and much more!

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Your Life. Your Money. In Sync!

Want less stress? Budget more and worry less! Managing money wisely will help you honor God with your finances! After just 3 months of budgeting 84% of people say they feel more in control of their money. Whether you want to create your budget online, in an app or on paper, we can help!

How to Budget Using Simple, Zero-based Budgeting.

  1. Write down your total take-home (after tax) pay for your household. Don’t forget to include everything – full-time jobs, second jobs, freelance pay, social security, royalties and any other ongoing sources of income.
  2. List all of your expenses and savings goals.
  3. Subtract expenses from income to equal zero – this is called zero-based budgeting.
  4. Track your expenses and savings goals monthly to stay on top of your expenses.
Online Budget Resources & Apps
Getting Out of Debt 101

The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with A Single Step. It’s smart to start small and build. When you tackle the small tasks first, you finish them quickly and see your progress. That gets you fired up about going after larger projects.